Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Is this good for the gene pool?"

It has been some time since I have read something so breathlessly egotistical and narcissistic as the recent MSNBC article on Internet Dating.

Tucker Carlson, an MSNBC News anchor, talks to the publisher of Online Dating Magazine about the (apparently) disturbing trend of people of similar natures meeting each other online. Here is an excerpt:

TRACY: Oh, yes. These “Star Trek” people. I mean, you know, these are serious, devoted fans. And you know, there's people who own pets, and the pets are like a son or daughter to them. And the pet must love another person. So you know, AnimalAttraction.com. There they are.

CARLSON: Is this good for the gene pool? I mean, is it good for us to be facilitating meetings between these people? Or should we fling open the genetic windows and let some fresh air in?

TRACY: Let's do both.

CARLSON: Let's do both. I mean, look, if one Trekkie can very easily find another Trekkie, the odds they'll produce a further generation of Trekkies is very high, and is that in the national interest, I guess, is my question?

Now, just for a personal 'fun' exercise, replace the word 'Trekkie' with the ethnicity of your choice. Any one will do. Then re-read this paragraph.

But let's not blow this out of proportion, shall we? After all, they're just Trekkies. I mean, who knows what kinds of disgusting things they get up to behind closed doors, in secret. The fewer the better, right? We don't want them taking our jobs, or interacting with our children. And besides, they smell.

But not to be outdone by himself, Carlson continues on about about asexual people trying to meet each other online:

CARLSON: So do most people tell the truth? Actually, I was on a site today, preparing for this segment, for people who are asexual. I was surprised. I'm not mocking anyone. But I was surprised that asexuals were also looking for love of a sort, I guess?

TRACY: Oh, yes. I mean, they're everywhere. CelibatePassions.com is an example of people who want to be in platonic—platonic relationships.

CARLSON: Boy, that was sad.

Well, thank God he's not mocking anyone. I can practically smell the tolerance.

Yes, the 21st century is truly a wonderful and enlightened place to be.

You can read the full article here:

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